Krytox™ AUT (Automotive) Series of Performance Lubricants

Performance Lubricants for Automotive Applications

The Krytox™ AUT (automotive) series consists of high-performance greases designed especially for the automotive industry. These lubricants deliver performance at both low and high temperatures, working equally well during engine start up and at full throttle.

Most grades in the Krytox™ AUT series are based on the International Organization for Standards (ISO) 100-grade perfluoropolyether (PFPE) oil. Each grade is formulated with unique additives to provide varying degrees of anti-corrosion and/or anti-wear protection for automotive equipment, such as viscous fan clutch bearings, alternators, and idler bearings.

For a complete list of lubricants appropriate for automotive applications, please see our Krytox™ automotive brochure.  

Features and Benefits of Krytox™ AUT Series Greases

The Krytox™ AUT series of performance greases can increase the life of critical auto components, including motor bearings, gearboxes, valves, and more. This allows automotive manufacturers to extend warranties, reducing  problems for car owners.

These synthetic lubricants are used in extreme conditions such as continuous high temperatures and higher temperatures for shorter periods, depending on product grade.

Krytox™ AUT series greases are ideal for use in automotive applications because they:

  • Are chemically inert
  • Are nonflammable
  • Do not damage plastics or elastomers
  • Do not cause corrosion to metals
  • Are biologically and environmentally inert
  • Contain no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) materials or chlorine
  • Are not hazardous to the atmosphere or ozone