Krytox™ GPL (General-Purpose Lubricants)

A Lubricant for Any Application

Krytox™ high-performance lubricants deliver long-lasting performance that no hydrocarbon-based grease can match. These advanced lubricants deliver measurable value and reduce maintenance costs related to relubrication, component failure, and downtime.

Krytox™ GPL greases are synthetic perfluoropolyether- (PFPE-) based oil, thickened with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) powder to create a white, nontoxic grease that provides excellent lubrication in demanding applications. The PTFE thickener forms a barrier that keeps base oil at the friction contact points for long-term lubrication without requiring complicated oil recirculation systems.

Krytox™ GPL oils are also perfluoropolyether- (PFPE-) based and offer superior stability, lubricity, viscosity, and value.

Features and Benefits of Krytox™ GPL Greases and Oils

Krytox™ greases and oils offer many properties that provide exceptional performance to solve challenging lubrication problems.

Key benefits of using Krytox™ lubricants include:

Nontoxic, nonflammable, long-lasting

  • Safe for chemical and oxygen service; provides radiation resistance
  • Maintains lubrication in extreme heat, under heavy load, and with harsh chemicals
  • Non-reactive to harsh chemicals, acids, steam, or moisture
  • Non-reactive to all typical elastomers, plastics, most metals, and almost all process chemicals
  • Certain grades include anti-rust protection
  • NSF H1-certified grades for incidental food contact are available
  • Long-lasting lubrication to reduce or eliminate need for relubrication

Choices Abound

Krytox™ GPL lubricants come in many grades, each with different viscosities and operational temperature ranges.  Review the table below to learn more about key attributes. For additional information, see our Product Data Sheets.