High-Quality PFPE Lubricants Help Reduce Machine Failure

Avoid a Ripple Effect of Rising Costs and Productivity Loss

In many industrial settings, the failure of even the smallest component can shut down an entire machine — or even the plant. — and lead to a ripple effect of rising costs and dropping productivity. These problems frequently result from the lack of proper lubrication.

The high temperatures and pressures of harsh manufacturing environments often cause common hydrocarbon-based lubricants to break down, fail, or become too viscous, which:

  • Disrupts operations
  • Incurs significant maintenance costs
  • Shortens equipment lifetimes

extended service life, increased safety, decreased cost

Although more expensive initially, high-performance perfluoropolyether (PFPE) lubricants deliver lasting performance, even when subjected to high temperatures, extreme pressures, and harsh conditions. Krytox™ high-performance lubricants offer the durability and performance to reduce maintenance costs and downtime, extend component life, and support longer warranties.

Finding the best lubricant for a specific job is challenging. With decades of chemical knowledge and real world experience about lubricants, Chemours is well-equipped to help you select the right Krytox™ performance lubricants for every application.

Download our white paper, How Lubricants Drive Savings and Productivity, to learn more about how Krytox™ PFPE lubricants offer long-term performance and superior value.